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    "I liked reading this book as the author has provided a simplified perspective on a complex topic like GDPR. The book is very well structured and provides a clear and concise perspective on key requirements and actions.

    In my view, this book is very useful and must be read by managers and executives dealing with privacy laws."

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    Chicago, IL

    What you get:

    You get an opportunity to ask your questions to leading privacy expert Punit Bhatia and get clarity.

    What is it all about?

    This is about answering your questions. If you are strating your career or have just started, you are likely to have questions like "Do I need to do a law degree because I am an engineer? or, other way round", or " which certification is the best for me?". And, if you are experienced pro, then questions like "How do I create a culture of privacy?", or "Have we done enough to avoid a fine?".

    All these are valid questions. And, I will do my best to provide you with a reasonable answer in the session.

    Who is Punit Bhatia?

    Punit Bhatia is one of the leading privacy experts who has worked with professionals in over 30 countries. Punit guides business and privacy leaders on GDPR-based privacy compliance through online as well as in-person training and consulting. Punit is also the host of the FIT4PRIVACY Podcast and has written multiple books on privacy including the book "Be Ready for GDPR" which is listed amongst the best GDPR books.

    Punit's company branded as FIT4PRIVACY provides you with privacy consultancy and advisory. For individuals, he help you prepare for IAPP certifications like CIPP-E, CIPM or CIPT through online training that includes practice exam(s).